Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Light Painting Portraits

Combining Classic Oil Painting with Modern Digital Painting

So, you prefer the look of the traditional painted portrait? Anthony merges his years of photography (proper posing, lighting), years of digital painting through various software, and oil-based painting to prepare your portrait for your walls.

Technique and Process

As with all portraits, your session is a guided process beginning from the consultation on clothing, hair and make-up, as well as posing and general photographic guidance on the session day itself. After you've gone through the selection and ordering process, your image then goes through the painting processes to ensure your likeness and your best qualities. For canvas options, the image is painted over with oil paints to enhance the final image to be more 3-dimensional.

This is the portrait you have earned and deserve. There is no time like the present to have a professional photo taken before the years pass, and you regret not taking the time. Seeing a museum-quality, classic portrait welcoming you home every day provides that daily smile we need to get through life. Ready to chat? Reserve your session below.

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Family Photography - Painted Portrait of Child
Maternity Photography - Painted Portrait of Pregnant Woman on Beach
Family Photography - Extended Family at Park
Maternity Photography - Triptych Metal Portaits of Pregnant Woman