Wake Forest & Raleigh Family & Portrait Photographer

Unique Portrait Styles to Suit Your Tastes

If you live near the Wake Forest and Raleigh area and have been searching for unique portrait options for you and/or your family, look no further. Anthony has spent years honing his skills to create fantasy portraits and digital paintings, as well as a bit of interior design to help plan your wall portraits.

  • Painted Portraits: Are more classic in your tastes, such as studio, beaches, and parks or painted backgrounds? Then, the painted portrait might be your best option.
  • Fantasy Portraits: Are you instead looking for something beyond the ordinary and even surreal? Your imagination could be brought to life through fantasy portraiture instead.
  • Light Painting Portraits: Finally, are you exceptionally proud of you've worked hard and earned for yourself or family, such as your home, a car you've rebuilt or bought, or even your own private plane? Light painting is incredibly special and cannot be duplicated even in its process.

In any case, Anthony would be thrilled to create your unique heirloom portrait. Select your options below for more information.

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